The Writing is on the Wall - A New Orchestra Business Model is desperately NEEDED!.
17 Apr 2011
Flutist Marco Granados
The Philadelphia Orchestra Association files for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

With the Philly Orchestra filling for Bankruptcy protection, it becomes clearly evident that no one is safe and that a New and Different business model for the Orchestra is needed.

How about an Orchestral Organization that is devoted FIRST to education and building its core audience through education and SECOND as a Performing entity. A lot of musicians balk at this idea, but it is the fundamental principal upon which "EL SISTEMA" was founded in Venezuela and you can see how well they are doing, in spite of the difficult socio-economic conditions with which they labor.

I think it is really difficult for us Artists to understand that we must GIVE first in order to receive. We are so accustomed to receiving that we forget a fundamental principal behind any artistic endeavor, which is to share and give. Yes, we give when we perform but if that performance is accompanied by the fact that we are also acting as Role models to future generations, then more Power is generated to sustain the Organization.

This is a tough conversation and the end result of the negotiations in Detroit clearly shows that it is tremendously difficult for us Artists, to position ourselves as a Community Building organization rather than a Performing one.

What do you think?


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